I'd get her fully aroused by licking and fingering her pussy which she loves, then just as she was most turned on I'd tell her to imagine two of us, one either side of her both sucking her nipples while playing with her pussy, her with a hard cock in each hand knowing we both wanted to fuck her and cum all over her.

sometimes we'd use a vibrator and I'd ask her to imagine it was someone else's cock stretching her pussy while I was licking her clit at the same time, it always hightened her pleasure and made her go over the edge into a shuddering orgasm.

then there was a countdown from 10 through to 1 giving him a chance to change his mind but as long as he accepted the "terms" he could by all means watch it and have a good wank.

I also added that i would know he had watched it but wanted to know if he enjoyed it so asked him to write what he thought on a peice of paper in the case before placing it back in the drawer.

It's a real shame as he's a nice bloke, I know she likes him and he was a contender for getting a lot more than just watching if he'd been willing.

Anyway, on the Friday night in question, I came home from work early and had booked Mandy a manicure, pedicure, massage and facial which were the treatments she most wanted.

I've been tempted to test the water with one of them, assuming any red blooded male would love to see his wife's friend naked and getting down and dirty, especially one who appears the doting husband but who we know was running up large phone bills ringing adult sex chat lines!

Even so when I did try steering the conversation round to wives and sex, he didn't seem to want to play ball, what a shame, I had some pictures ready on my mobile starting with some very mild ones and wanted to get him interested in seeing one to see if i was genuine.

I added some titles telling the viewer that this was one of our homemade porn films and that if he continued to watch he should keep his mouth shut or i'd blab about him stealing or at least rifling through our stuff and kill his reputation locally.We have a small circle of friends and being an accountant she's seen as being very straight laced, but what they dont know is that there's another side to her which is the total opposite!She has let me photograph and video her posing in slutty dresses, sexy underwear and costumes as well as naked.we went into graphic detail about me being at work while she was sitting on the kitchen side with him licking out her pussy then slamming his cock into her and the many other things she'd do with him before finally letting him spunk into her face or deep into her pussy.I assumed tradesmen went rumaging around knicker drawers and left a dvd there booby trapped so I could tell if it had been moved.

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