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Couple this with China’s massive population and its jaw-dropping history, and you’ve got a recipe for a borderline overwhelming array of choices when it comes time to plan your trip to China. At 9,596,960 square kilometers – it weighs in behind only Russia, Canada, and the United States for sheer size.Where: The Terracotta Warriors can be reached from Xi’an by private car or public bus. China isn’t all ancient cities and dusty old relics.The country’s endemic giant pandas are one of the world’s most beloved animals.Beijing for the historic sites, a brief detour to Xi’an to see the Terracotta Warriors, and one final stop-off in Shanghai for shopping and a brief walk along the Bund.For those pressed for time, this is perfectly fine, but there’s so much more to China than just these three cities.There are a wealth of cities with more history in one neighbourhood than the entirety of my own country.There are unbelievable and almost alien landscapes the likes of which would fit in better with fantasy or science fiction.

Far from the over-touristed and carefully restored sections such as Badaling and Mutianyu, these sections offer a tougher climb and a modicum more peace.Whether you take in the atmosphere by day or soak in the twinkling lights of Pudong by night, time spent on The Bund is bound to be one of your more enduring memories of Shanghai. The bizarre sightseeing tunnel is a dizzying aural and visual experience. Where: The Bund can be reached via taxi, ferry, bus, subway, or the famous sightseeing tunnel. Standing as silent testament to the will of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the ranks of China’s Terracotta Warriors are one of the nation’s most beloved cultural icons.With each warrior being a unique sculpture, the Terracotta Warriors were an archaeological gold mine upon their discovery and remain one of China’s most popular tourist attractions. Adventures Around Asia has a fantastic article on their history and how to get there.China is not a country to be tackled in a week or a fortnight.It’s a country that begs to be visited and revisited.

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Throw in Chengdu to see China’s most famous animal and a cruise along China’s most famous river, and you’ve got the makings of a fantastic two-week itinerary.

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