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IMHO I don't think Eminem was really joking when he said he uses Grindr. I think he knows people will *think* he's joking - and that his rep will say he's joking - but I don't think he's joking. 🌈🌈🌈— billy eichner (@billyeichner) December 20, 2017"(In my honest opinion) I don't think Eminem was really joking when he said he uses Grindr. Friend: He just mentioned he’s been on Grindr, that’s not gay. He is very smart and self-aware," comedian and TV personality Billy Eichner wrote on Twitter. One day he told me that most white guys have a huge problem dating white girls that have been with black guys, especially those women that have children with the black guy.He told me that in white guy world is considered "cleaning up a black guys mess".

He told me it's an issue because white guys can't go in public with my kids and atleast pretend they are his kids because they clearly aren't. Through all of this, he always worded it as " other white guys think this way ".

“Growing up around black males, they were always my competitors ya know?

I never viewed or saw myself doing anything sexual with my neighbors.

He always made it clear HE doesn't feel that way, it's just the general consensus with white guys.

Well after a while it became clear he DID feel that way and I couldn't take it anymore and we eventually broke up.

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but I just don't think he will ever be able to fully 100% accept my kids' skin color, which breaks my heart. Never treated them unfairly and certainly never gave them any notion that he had a problem with their skin color.

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