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She admitted channeling her feelings into her 2013 song, "By the Grace of God," which talks about God intervening."I feel ashamed that I would have those thoughts, feel that low and that depressed," she continued."I wrote that song 'By the Grace of God' because I do believe in something much bigger than me and I call that God for me.

I get to live this wonderful life and I've been given this gift, I know that God has His hand on me, and I know sometimes I go through things and they're just too intense and I can't handle them and then He swoops in and He shows me that it's His grace that brings me through it."The mega pop star has been livestreaming her life since Friday and is sharing herself with the entire internet world.

I recently spoke to the Evangelical Free Church of Canada (EFCC) regarding this issue.

In some ways that's an unhelpful impulse, particularly when you consider how well the Global South church is doing compared to the church in the Western world.

Yet, when you look at our actions, we seem to think we’ve got it all figured out, when that clearly is not the case.

However, I think that movements are more likely to happen in places where Christian faith is more marginalized, rather than battling for the center.

Culture and religion in the United States has morphed in a way that will cause our churches to wander with uncertainty for decades, unsure of what it is they’re supposed to do to engage their culture.

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