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For further details click here COOKERY: Food Junkies. Caterers and small fast food outlets operating in the South Goa district have been adversely impacted by the recent beef shortage click here 8 Jan: Herald. The shortage of beef in Goa continued on Sunday as a result of indefinite strike call given by the beef traders. Rahul Gandhi's Next Foreign Trip Will Be To Canada, Singapore click here. When dinner and dance spell romance, a Valentines ball could be just the ticket.For further details click here 11 Jan: Economic Times. Music by "OUTBREAK For tickets and details, contact Rosy D'Silva (020 7041 6072); John Mendes 07446066162; Robert Fernandes (07753831250) and Rosalind Rebello (020 8767 8652). Suella Fernandes to appear on the BBC Question Time TV debate on 18 Jan click here Suella Fernandes is the daughter of Uma and Christie Fernandes, (ex- Nairobi - Dr Ribeiro School - Class of '63 and Assagao, Goa). Gripping contemporary family thriller starring Archie Panjabi and Jack Davenport. With contributions from comedian Sanjeev Singh Kholi and actor Nitin Ganatra this, the film uses the shop as a way to explore the social fabric of Britain - from economic change to immigration. Nathu was arrested under IPC Section 370 (trafficking of person), Section 8 of the Goa Children's Act and other sections.Senior citizens, NRIs and handicapped people are still awaiting a solution to their long pending mobile-Aadhaar verification problem despite the Department of Telecommunications (Do T) deadline for providing relief having expired on January 1. 40th Anniversary Mungul Union (UK) celebrates the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Woodside High School Hall (ex-white Hart Lane School Hall), White Hart Lane, London N22 5QJ. An uncle, Fr Ayres Fernandes, is the Executive Secretary of the Liturgy Commission at the Conference of Catholic Bishops of all India. Whip-smart GP Mona Mirza lives a charmed life at the heart of a loving family living in London, but she is left grief-stricken when her much-loved brother Kareem is brutally murdered whilst working for a medical charity in Lahore. The death of the corner shop has been predicted many times - but still it soldiers on. ENTERTAINMENT: ESPN Films.: BT Sport 1 (Freeview 58). He was nabbed after the Panaji police received a complaint that he was using three minor children for begging and living off their earnings.The woman, who woke up midway through the assault, claimed that she found Ramamoorthys hand inside her pants and her shirt unbuttoned. 'This man had an Asian background click here 9 Jan: Herald.While the accused was arrested immediately after the plane landed, what makes the case stranger is the techies weird defence of his antics. Among all relics of all the saints, I dare say that the forearm and hand relic of St. First, there are few relics short of incorrupt bodies as large. Francis Xavier is incorrupt, venerated for more than 400 years in the cathedral of Goa, the site of his most impressive missionary work the relic will visit the parish of St. That parish is named after the Jesuit missionary in part because of the Goan immigrants who settled in that area of the city and helped to build that church. The Brexit Department has been beefed up with the appointment of a leading Eurosceptic who says leaving the EU without a deal would be 'great' for Britain. The tale of how India's Sachin Tendulkar achieved legendary status as one of the finest batsmen in cricket's history. With taxi unions unilaterally deciding to go off the road on January 19 for an indefinite period, the process of them disengaging with the need to make Goa tourist friendly, appears to be complete The bottom line here is that the consumer - the tourist as well as the local, is king.As most of them do not possess Aadhaar Card, they are unable to link their Indian mobile number with the Aadhaar number click here 11 Jan: Cosmopolitan (Russia). Led by the one and only Abel Nunes (ex-India and ex-Rainbows End). Goa Yes To Padmavat, Says Manohar Parrikar click here Wikipedia: Padmavati is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language epic period drama film based on the epic poem Padmavat (1540) by Malik Muhammad Jayasi, the film narrates the story of Padmavati, a legendary Rajput queen who committed jauhar to protect herself from Khilji, a ruthless Muslim king The film faced opposition from right-wing Hindu groups for allegedly distorting historical facts Amid violent protests in the country, a bounty was placed to behead Bhansali and Padukone who play the lead roles in the film click here. The Mumbai-Goa cruise ferry services, which were scheduled to be operational by the end of December was postponed to mid-January as the trial runs for the ferry-service was still underway The Mumbai-Goa liner can carry around 400 passengers in one trip and the fare has not been announced yet. In 1897, Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee - the first British monarch to do so. One wonders if these efforts are belated, said R Benedito Ferro.Many Russian celebrities decided to extend the New Year holidays 31-year-old Natalia Ionova ( Gluck'o Za) went to Goa. Your Mood Setters: Antonio Fernandes and The Youth Voice. The fare is expected to be made public a few days before the service is made operational. But beyond the grand celebrations on London's streets a war was raging between Victoria and her court over her relationship with her Indian servant, Abdul Karim. Ferro is a member of The Al-Zulaij Collective, a group of scholars and professionals who along with Fundao Oriente are hosting the exhibition1209 words. 25s.] click here For the Wolf Pack Hunters Facebook page click here. As Theresa May prepares a cabinet reshuffle, here are 5 backbenchers tipped to rise Suella Fernandes, who's parents are from Mauritius and Kenya respectively, is already a notable backbencher as head of the European Research Group, which comprises staunch Brexiteers.

In the frame the singer poses in a seductive flesh-colored bathing suit Fans showered the star with compliments For further details click here 11 Jan: Rambler (Russia). Yes, yes we know that Goa is an all-year destination! He introduced her to Indian cuisine, fed her romantic visions of India, and became her 'Munshi' or teacher, giving her daily lessons in Hindustani. Francisco Pereira, 29, originally from Panaji, was arrested on December 29 in Southall after being snared by the Wolf Pack Hunting UK group, which exposes paedophiles by setting up fake profiles of children online Pereira works as a warehouse operative at a Heathrow-based transport and logistics company In a video Pereira said he had lived in the UK for three years and was sending money to his parents to build a house in Goa He has since been released but is under investigation by officers from Ealing CID 535 words. Theresa May to reshuffle cabinet on Monday, No 10 confirms Among MPs from the 2015 intake who could win promotion are government aides such as Suella Fernandes, the head of the party's European Research Group click here For the 2005 Goan Voice supplement on Suella Fernandes, click here. Richard Saldanha is fund manager of the Aviva Ireland Global High Yield Equity fund, which invests principally in companies judged to offer above-average dividend yield and the potential for long-term capital growth.In an apparent snub to 'gau rakshaks' (Hindu nationalist right-wing federation of cattle protection movements), Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said today that if anybody interferes in the legal import of beef would be punished, a day after meat traders in the state withdrew their strike called to protest harassment by cow vigilantes. Zak Bagans and the team climb aboard the 150-year-old Star of India ship docked in San Diego where they encounter some of it's former passengers. Being in-between offers several possibilities of being a Goan, Indian and human. Its Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar, is one of the leading lights of the party. Minna Pirhonen, mother of the murdered Swedish national, Felix Dahl, suspects that her son was murdered by a Goan person after being poisoned for money.The beef traders called off their four-day-long strike yesterday, citing assurance by the police that they would not allow harassment of dealers who import beef from Belagavi in Karnataka at the state border For further details click here 10 Jan: Daily O. The space that is in-between opens us to the unquestioned past self-understandings and the future possibilities of understandings and being 866 words. Therefore, Goa, one would imagine, would be the perfect target for the party's overall national objective of making Bharat beef-free What is a current political hot potato in the state is the shortage of beef in wholesale markets at the height of the busiest tourist season. Dahl, 22, was found dead under mysterious circumstances at Patnem, Canacona, on January 28, 2015.The New Year began on a rather bizarre note for the Indian male libido. It seems the principal cattle slaughterhouse in Goa is closed and there are huge bureaucratic hurdles put in the way of importing beef from other states 1511 words. Goa: Beef traders' strike enters Day 3 click here Video: Goa 365 TV. Pirhonen, in a press note, stated 'We think Felix was poisoned and killed by the Goan man, or the Goan man was hired to bring Felix to his killers.' 'We think the circumstances around Felix's death show that it was not a simple natural death, but a planned murder.Prabhu Ramamoorthy, a 34-year-old project manager with a technology firm, is now behind bars in the US on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a 22-year-old female co-passenger, on an overnight flight from Las Vegas to Detroit. It needs to be investigated,' she stated Pirhonen said Felix met a Canadian man at the Dabolim airport.

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Beautiful Goa landscape There is a long weekend coming on January 26 The season is still on so loads of parties! After these Goans accepted Pakistani citizenship, their properties were declared enemy properties in 1965 The home ministry had forwarded a list of enemy properties to both of Goa's district collectors, directing them to collect lease rent from their occupants.

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