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Avoid sensitive subjects such as politics and religion, however.But this year, I've learned that it doesn't have to be that way. Photo by The topics you choose should not solely be there to fill in empty space. Talk about who you know and what you have in common If you have common ground with a stranger, use it to your advantage. Anything that you would be unwilling to change about yourself but that you worry a mate may wish to change is a good candidate for sharing. You know qualities you are hoping to find in someone else and many of your topics should be used to discover if your date has these qualities.If you are feeling frustrated by a small talk question, answer briefly and move on, or change the subject entirely.You can also be the change you wish to see in the world of small talk by asking better questions.

On most of my dates I followed my script for the first two steps and then the conversation simply took off.

But for many of us, small talk frequently veers into offensive territory — but you can rest easy, because we’ve collected the eight ways to respond to the worst small talk questions.

Learn how to act and what to say, and gain some advice for changing the subject so you can breathe a sigh of relief during any tricky small-talk situation. ” is a funny little verbal exchange that means nothing, but is used as a way to be cordial.

Even though small talk can feel boring, soul-sucking, and awkward, it actually serves as valuable social lubricant to make conversation easier.

Knowing how to gracefully talk to someone new remains a crucial skill for anyone, and, considering small talk also functions as a way to establish common ground, it allows us to get to know people and form quick connections.

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A successful first date conversation has less to do with what you say and more with how you say topivs.

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