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It goes without saying that the high-end Premier Classe and Blue Train services are very safe, too.The long-distance trains themselves are very safe, and Johannesburg's Park Station itself is well-patrolled with security guards & CCTV.Contrary to what you may have heard and to what many middle-class South Africans may tell you, taking the train is a remarkably safe, civilised & enjoyable way to travel between cities in South Africa. There are several completely different train services: Shosholoza Meyl trains: (for reservations from overseas call 27 ) Luxury Blue Train, Cape Town-Pretoria:

Once inside, its a case of down the escalator, turn left, and straight into the Premier Classe Lounge (also used for The Blue Train) for check in.

Recent video of dining in Shosholoza Meyl restaurant car. Sleeping compartments have both a normal lock and a security lock which cannot be opened from the outside, and the train manager and his assistants do a good job looking after their passengers.

Photos courtesy of Example restaurant car prices: Full English breakfast R 55, porridge R35. People who tell you that 'trains in South Africa are unsafe' have probably never been on one, and are confusing these excellent and safe Shosholoza Meyl trains with the suburban Metro trains around the big cities which they see adversely reported on South African TV.

Restaurant car staff also come down the train to sell tea and coffee to you at your seat. Most trains also have a restaurant or refreshment car.

Catering was originally sub-contracted to caterers such as BJ's, the South African equivalent of Wimpy, though is now back in-house. Shosholoza Meyl tourist class trains are perfectly safe to travel on, and can even be recommended for families and women travelling alone.

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A full English breakfast hits the spot in the morning, and beer and a wine list is available for something to go with you lunch or dinner. Sitter class seating: Economy trains have basic seating, which does not convert to berths.

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