Future trends in online dating

“It’s people using online forensics to uncover dirt. With better 3-D-printing, sex toys will become printable.

We’ll be able to create replicas of our partners, or shape mementos of relationships that have ended.

In the future, we’ll be quantifying not only ourselves but our relationships.

“The use of wearable technologies bleeding over into the way we interact with each other,” says Young.

That could lead to backlash, like the movement, Make Love Not Porn, that Cindy Gallop is trying to foster, or detox services that wash our minds of skin-on-skin imagery. “Large numbers of men are no longer physically attracted to human women,” Young notes.Mr Rad said daters could use augmented reality to send out virtual coloured signals to strangers walking past them on the street.This would allow you to know their relationship status without so much as talking to them.Speaking at a conference in California, the technology entrepreneur said single people could one day use an app similar to Pokemon Go to help them find love.Mr Rad's idea was inspired by student 'traffic light parties' where men and women wear red, amber and green to indicate their relationship status.

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Here he offers up some intriguing ideas about relationships in 2025, based on three “macro” trends: that technology is speeding up how we interact; that unconventional relationships are becoming more accepted; and that kink (e.g. Projects like 23and Me and u Biome reveal our personal genetics and microbial make-ups. A service that matches us with someone with complementary genes and gut.

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