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It’s been a rewarding move from dancer to choreographer.” Hooks clearly values the impact that Derricks – a former ballerina and the only choreographer to win three consecutive Emmys – has had on her career arc.Which begs the question: Does Hooks have a favorite style of dance?If you are against the deployment of any photos or want to add another one in our database, please contact us. Had a couple of free hours from working on a TV show and made this video :) Was never going to post this cause it's so ridiculous but in honor of Lindsey's B-Day I'm putting up for her birthday week!!On this page we collected the top 20 photos featuring actor Galen Hooks.All pictures were found on various Internet sites through Google Images by keyword Galen Hooks picture.

“In my early teens, I started assisting Marguerite, who is a major film choreographer in LA,” Hooks says, “which is a pretty young age to be an assistant choreographer.

But, for me, that was one reason I’ve been so successful as a dancer and as a choreographer – I can pretty much do literally any style that you throw at me.

But it’s kind of a blessing and a curse at the same time, because I’m not the kind of dancer that focuses on any one thing. As a choreographer, I know that there are so many other tappers that are better than me, so I would rather learn tap than choreograph it.

Dance is how I’ve always wanted to express myself.” If being an artist means dragging your innermost feelings out, giving a piece of yourself, no matter in which art form, in which medium, then Hooks is in the perfectly suited to translate her gifts to across today’s web-enabled world.

Whether this is her involvement with LXD, or her turn as Ne-Yo’s love interest in the gorgeously produced and choreographed One in a Million video, Hooks isn’t shy about expressing herself or displaying a range that most in her profession lack.

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