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By @bessmatassa ✨🦂✨ #Numinous #Numiverse #peace #love #astrology #scorpiovibes #mysticmessenger #highvibelife #materialgirlmysticalworld A post shared by The Numinous (@the_numinous) on Millionaire will help you get into the Scorpio spirit.

If you want more guidance on how to incorporate Scorpio energy into your season, Jessica also suggests looking to your birth horoscope to see if you have any planets in Scorpio.

Scorpio season is when we’re allowed to be our whole selves, no matter how crazy or messy or over-the-top or sexy that is. Buy yourself some beautiful new lingerie, hook up with that ex because you want to, have that picnic at the cemetery, scream at the top of your lungs while parked in a random parking lot; do whatever you need to do to get back into your essence.

Dec 30, 2017: Love, Late begins with a heartbreak, and then things start to look up.

Get meditative and clear — New Moon energy is powerful for manifesting 🌑✨ | if you’re in a relationship how would you like to see it grow and evolve? They are wonderful but difficult opportunities to learn.” ~Brian Weiss, M. __________________________________________________________ Join me Sunday 4pm PST for my weekly #Instagram Live Astrology Report ! ⚡️ A post shared by natalia benson (@natalia_benson) on You can also try exploring these themes of sex, death, money, and power as well.

I’ll be giving away a free space to my upcoming monthly subscription service (think personal readings w/ me meets a rad group of amazing women)... Take a pole or rope bondage class, read about kink and BDSM, spend time at a cemetery, read about butterflies and how they transform, or go to a museum about war — the possibilities are endless!

This is the time of year when we naturally draw inward, kind of like animals that hibernate!This was some of the most fun reading I have had in a while. The worldbuilding might feel inconsistent in the beginning, but this is intentional. No joke, I found chapter ten legitimately unreadable. The author, George Frost, has put a lot of effort into the book and it shows in his daily update schedule and expansive lore.Was this because of the complex, yet timeless story? This "chunkiness", as well as the way it strives to avoid fantasy cliches all serve to reinforce the premise of the story. Frost is a talented writer and I love how he describes action sequences with clear descriptions but [more . .] Dec 10, 2017: [This review contains meta spoilers for "Worm", as this series is a sequel to it.Seeing where you hold shame around these issues can help you figure out what you need to heal or work on.Try taking a bath with salt, flowers, oils, and candles to ground this energy and reconnect with your body.

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