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This recommendation includes any of you reading who may have committed to settling credit card debts that you stopped paying some time ago.

Following the recommended outline for settling credit cards is suggested because: Following the way we have laid out this section, no matter what stage of collection you might be in (and especially if you are still current with payments to creditors), puts you in the best position to succeed with debt settlement.

The lower negotiated amount should be something you can afford to pay in one lump sum, or over time if it is a term settlement agreement.

Negotiating and paying a lower amount to settle debts you are already late with is very common.

Once you complete your review of our debt settlement guide, you will know more than the majority of sales people who are the front line for selling debt negotiation to the public.

And once you introduce the different stages of debt collection; and how to negotiate with debt collectors vs settling with your bank; or outline what you can do when settling collections in the court; the content for the debt settlement guide grew larger, and continues to expand.

You can use this site to help you settle your debts on your own.

We offer upfront education about the debt settlement process, supplemented by on the ground and “right now” details provided free in the comments section of this website.

We have decided to create and publish the online debt relief program for many reasons.

We may fully lay out more of the reasoning in a later update to this section, but for now, here is some of the considerations we have in doing this: We decided to create and publish this guide so that you can tell the difference between whether settling credit card debts is right for you, and if it is, when, why, and how much of your money to put into this method for resolving debt. We offer our support freely to the public through dedicated feedback in the comments on virtually every page of the site, and on our Debt Bytes You Tube channel.

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