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The Right Stuff has a shelf life of two full years.

In addition, we tested one production batch after 38 months and it remained still completely usable.

That is OK as long as you drink the entire bottle to get the full quantity of electrolytes.

You may put The Right Stuff in your training beverage of choice.

A: The Right Stuff does not have anything in it that isn’t widely used in other food and beverage products.

However, to be sure for yourself, we recommend that you test The Right Stuff as part of your training regimen to see whether you need to modify your speed of consumption or the dilution rate in your personal program.

The Right Stuff® is tested and certified as a participant in the NSF Certified for Sport® program.

It was created to meet the growing demands of athletes, coaches, sports dietitians and healthcare professionals to certify that sports nutrition products are safe and free from banned substances.

It is not exactly clear when Internet dating began, but most observers credit an innovation created by Harvard students in the mid-1960s as the first computer matching service.The overall idea, of trying to understand romantic compatibility, has been a staple of social psychology for a long time—and so there was a literature on paving the path to love available to entrepreneurs when the idea of computer dating resurfaced.Oddly enough, the continuation of that early Harvard model did not really happen until the mid-1990s, when the proliferation of personal computers may have encouraged a rethinking of the dating industry now that individuals could sit at home or their office, privately pursuing romantic possibilities.However, anyone that suffers from dehydration, whether from exercise, sun and heat exposure or other causes like jet-lag, altitude sickness and too much alcohol will also get valuable benefits from using The Right Stuff.A: If you have high blood pressure or hypertension, you should discuss your training program with your healthcare professional before using The Right Stuff.

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