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With head held down, he didn’t make eye contact with me and, once sitting in the chair, was inward and lacking anything much to say.He eventually did communicate that he had received a demotion on his job and that his wife had filed for divorce.Cyber-sex, sexting, lurid Facebook messages, and other forms of virtual infidelity are becoming increasingly prevalent in Family Law.With vastly improved computer graphics and enhanced reality, the real world and the virtual world are becoming increasingly blurred.He was constantly preoccupied with his sexual fantasies.Steve felt lifeless and empty, devoid of energy, interest, or capacity of enjoyment.Despite having only met online, individuals in such affairs will often seek to shower their new found love with lavish gifts.

It may seem somewhat old-fashioned, but people should strive to act in a reasonable and responsible manner even when online.

In the United States, courts have accepted evidence of parents' excessive time spent on online, with interactive gaming websites such as Farm Ville or World of Warcraft.

In either case, parents are not providing adequate support and care for their children.

The alternative could be to end up embarrassed, publicly humiliated, and alone.

Following the pattern well-established by other potentially problematic behaviors and activities (gambling, shopping, eating, drinking and using substances), the relatively new realm of sexual activity based on Internet technology has created another challenge for individuals and society.

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